Dark Horse’s Future?

Small talk at Victory-Indian & news is scarce all Hush-Hush but a few snippets are 2014 model release will possibly be in 2013 in USA as thats the way industry does it, so hopefully more later next year, there is a lot of talk of a smaller version like a Scout( see 2010 concept above ) this has been speculation since 2010 but personally I believe this is seriously being considered. Victory & Indian in some states will be sold in the same premises although have separate areas & staff, other places may have separate dealers marketing to different customers, Indian will not be using any power plant that they are using derived from the Gilroy era, so the “Bottlecap”motor is on the way out as the new models will be totally redesigned, bit of a shame because the problems were resolved in the King’s Mountain era models. I think new Indian’s need to be physically smaller anyway, as a proud owner of a 2002 Roadmaster it is a very large machine it does ride nicely on the highway but it is huge for a older rider. Indian hopefully may keep the model names & not do stupid things like Triumph did making Trophy’s tourers, T100s”tarted up” Bonneville’s Speed Fours & Speed Triples what’s next a 1600 Thunderbird or a 2100cc Rocket 3,  hang on I see a 3000 litre Tiger Cub next. Back to Indian’s I like the Dark Horse above as much as the old vertical which always seems a mirror image till you read the logo on the tank, Edward Turner (Triumph’s head honcho) in 1949 saw Indian’s attempt at his baby the venerable vertical twin as said at the time this is to lightweight in engine design & remarked the the main bearings were to small history was to prove Turner correct.