About the future Members Only area

No this is not for secret men’s/women’s business it will be up & going July it will be a password entry that will be renewed in your monthly posted Smouldering Embers so what will be in it, plenty a lot of Technical details & articles eg: the modification on the Timmerman electric starter with all the sprag & machining details,Twin leading shoe conversion details,articles that we will have first hand information on particularly with Victory-Indian details & personal things that members may not want or like on the public arena, special deals & prices on trips,parts,clothing & possibly motorcycles etc.Importantly the current Smoke Signals (quarterly magazine) will be posted on the web with the previous version put on the public area.Members who are not on the internet will have their magazine posted as usual. Hopefully this will encourage some of the nearly 20,000 people viewing the site in the last 9 months that have been tempted to join our Association to actually put their money down to be in the best Indian Association in Australia covering all models & era’s, & not being humble, possibly the world!