Guy Allens (Guido’s) real job

Guido’s Blogs in Motorcycle Trader ( click on highlight)

For all the members that thought Guido was a male escort, fashion model or a member of the Chippendale’s you were wrong, thought a small reference to his real job maybe in order, so a small plug for him & Motorcycle Trader Magazine they are the people that provide a Link to this site in the Trading Post Area, so thanks again. Guido writes many interesting articles on everything from Tridents, blowing up Sunbeams, & trips to odd parts of the world, click on the link above for some of these, in the meantime I will provide a photo of his Sunbeam (actually a exploded view) he was so depressed with this that he decided to sell the Trident, & buy a Indian, if you see him at the meeting please console him