Anniversary of the end of the 4 & Sports Scout

Kid on IndianPowerplus Boys640

Kids & motorcycles, whatever the era they always love them. I remember always looking at the speedo to see how fast the machine went ” Wow this one does 150 mph” Hmmm, well as I in later years found out ” it ain’t necessarily so” the kid in the first photo is really going fast & needs shoes, a lot of PowerPlus models were sold to replace a horse & this was Indian’s opposition in the early years not H-D. The second photo is a great period shot of “Promenade Percy’s” on their new PowerPlus’s. A couple blogs back I mentioned how un-restored Indians in my opinion are not time capsules as they did not look like that new the second picture proves this point they were not rusty new restored bikes usually are safer & look better. February 9 1942 was the last year of the Sports Scout & the Indian 4 the reason was WW11 & you can see this in the last photo of the 640B’s a hell of a time for Springfield & the rest of the World