The first Ride of the Year

Daryl's ride 3rd Feb 2013 042Daryl's ride 3rd Feb 2013 019 Daryl's ride 3rd Feb 2013 023

 Sunday 3rd of Feb, the IIRA first club ride for the year

Daryl Colt kindly organised a great tour. We meet at the Shell Laverton out bound service station 9am for a 9.30 blast off. A great number of fellow riders gathered around wondering what was it and how can one ride an Indian Chief ? At the blast off moment Ian Rhook calls to say that he’s just leaving his home, so everyone fought hard the urge to rev up and go!Bonnie and I did back up in our car, a pleasure to see the fine country ahead in Holden’s finest. That Cheeky Mr Rhook and his trusty seven forty and a one finally putt putts into view Chitty Chitty sounds was signal to all that had there bikes to start kicking there Indians to life. Well that said the only ones kicking the starters were Daryl and Rhook as the other eight bikes were of the push button VROOM VROOM variety, stamped out on the shores of the great rice consuming nations.

The weather was a little over cast in the morning and cleared up soon enough, into this Daryl led us all into the back roads skirting Mount Cotterel heading for Baccas Marsh. Here we found in the town sporting grounds a car show, live bands and many folk. Daryl looked at his watch and aloud us one hour to have a look around, if we stayed for three hours i don’t think we would have scratch the surface. As many cars of all types kept rolling in. Our two shy members were stopped by the ticket lady telling them; “entry five bucks walking in or with your bikes love ” Both men looked at one another as if deciding were to make the first insertion in theater. The others looked at there Jap bikes and said ” nah stuff it “Finally the Harley camp was ruffled as the sight of the only Indians rolled into there patch. We walked a wee bit saw lots of interesting Machinery as we drank our coffees, the stand out would have to have been a rusty old 34 Chev lowered into the weeds copped roof that would make a midget uncomfortable running a big block truck motor straining under the wait of an enormous blower. What exhausts? only short eight inch pipes screaming look at me and the plates read WAKEUP !Back on the road again we headed for Meredith, the pleasant roads made for easy riding for the old bikes, the bush land was yellow mostly, needing a good drink from above. One road began to steepen then suddenly hair-pinned to the right to climb even higher, this would have tested our two heroes.Meredith pub was happy to see us good folk, they showed there kindness with delicious food that we all enjoyed . From here we headed to Anakie then turned to the last stop the You Yangs . Here we looked over the great land we call home views that seem to go for ever. Stevie on his trusty Bonnie meet us telling us stories of times gone by.  I kept seeing a great late Rod Leaman, for my last time at this sacred place Rod came too as back up in Ken the Toyota Landfill.Well from here we all headed for home, Daryl did us all proud a great day out was had by all, check out the pics. Sammy