The Greatest Race!

James LambertBlazing Saddles!JenkinsStraw victorious

The Great Race 2013, wow what a event, Harley-Ferguson won this year, after three in a row for Indian we had to give it to them, Iron Indian Riders were competing with “Blazing Saddles Straw” on a 1928 Scout with a horse saddle (see above) winning the Slow race in his class & the 20 second time trial. Members John Gee (Straw) Phillip White, John Fontanella,Rodger McGregor, Jon Munn, Daryl Colt, Daryl Jenkins,Mark & Sandy Barthelmie,Ric Barthelmie,Robert Gosper,James Lambert, and your webmaster to name a few were all in & after 700 klms over 2 days pretty tired, weather was hot, damn hot, then rain with hail heavy enough to break Rodger’s ammeter glass, some people with open faced helmets had bruised lips! Daryl Jenkins & Jon Munn last year rode Powerplus’s this year both were on 1947-48 Chief’s, so that really affected the final tally on the points scoring. Guido Allen tells me this months Smouldering Embers is out & he will be writing a full report in the next Smoke Signals Magazine about the Great Race there is more written on this by Tony Blain in our News & Articles Area. Guy also sent me a link to a great Indian Resource from the Indian Motorcycle Club of UK I have put it on our Links Area, have a view