Anzac Day, more than a football match


It’s easy to remember men and women that have fought in past conflicts for Australia and are well represented on various memorials around the country WWI,WWII, Korea, & Vietnam, every year some of these hero’s still living march in various parades around the country and unfortunately as time passes there are less. As a lad I could still see the WWI veterans on parade now there are none, and the WWII veterans a getting less every year as well, what is sad to remember is the fact that these warriors were silent about the atrocities that they lived through I can’t remember anyone that went to any war complaining, true hero’s. The thing to realize is that these days we still have men and women fighting in war zones and some will not return, the highlight to remember is that they are as much heroes as in any previous conflict all are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and its more than a holiday or a football game “Lest we Forget”