The new Springfield in a “snapshot”



When Phillip White test rode a new Indian Springfield,from Polaris-Indian he stopped at Lakes Entrance on the way through, to a rally I was on with the Classic Club and offered me a ride on it. The Chief Vintage has the reputation of feeling a bit like a wheelbarrow full of wet cement, with a half flat tyre, as Phillip White has often said we all know the developers wanted the Roadmaster”s steering head angle but the designers wanted to look traditional, which was achieved,nice model but not great. But at last the engineers got their way and we have the Springfield, the handling and steering lock are amazing compared to a Vintage and you could (although not recommended) ride it hands off! It’s amazing the electronic, lockable hard luggage are very practical and come completely off in seconds the same as the screen, the new rear foot boards and black leather instead of brown is excellent as well, and for this model newly designed crash bars with rears FOC in the deal as well. As usual the finish is superb as is the cruise control, and all the usuall trimmings as per the Vintage version, would I buy one a definite yes, but I have just got a new Scout, which suits my riding style better at this time in life. So you say surely there must be something wrong on it, well there’s not but I would have liked to see a backrest and rack fitted standard, they are listed as accessoris otherwise it’s perfect well done Indian.


The lower picture was taken straight out of bed and I wanted to ride it as I was in pyjama’s