Aussie/NZ engine number debacles

I have recently helped Martyn Goodwyn in producing this article below for the on line OVR magazine, Martyn for those who know him has done a excellent job by checking with all authorities in Australia and New Zealand, the bottom line is “Do you feel Lucky” as Clint Eastwood said, the offence for reclarifying your Indian 4 engine number is 14 years jail and if you don’t the risk of de-valuation to it can be expensive as well on some rare machines. The picture above is a brand new set of Vincent crankcases well stamped so no doubt can be there but others can cause major problems for instance the Triumph frame pictured is actually a 9 not a 0 so this would cause concerns and a decision to re-stamp and conserve the provenance or have a 17 digit frame number stamped and the original number obliterated could cause concern, thats your decision.

Engine :frame number article