So you still think Harley will beat Polaris-Indian

I always have a chuckle when the “knuckle draggers” spout that Harley will outlast Indian, hmm that’s not happening at least in this century. As we know Polaris doesn’t rely on selling motorcycles they amount to only 4% of their sales profit with sales in everything from off road vehicles to buying GEM electric vehicles, the remarkable Slingshot and the Sea Cat and Snow Cat divisions being the big money earners, poor old Harley sells bra”s and leather knickers and dress-up chrome bits for a bit on the side, totally reliant on motorcycle sales since airconditioner, golf cart, and caravan division were sold in the sixties. You will notice at the end of this link below that Eicher (Royal Enfield) which is part of Mitsubishi and Ducati originally owned by Vatican City but now owned by VW is now selling Ducati. Royal Enfield is partially “in bed” with Polaris so in the long run Ducati should get a big boost and that will feed back to Enfield. So how big is Royal Enfield, remembering that in 1983 that JS Bloor, Les Harris and Royal Enfield bid for the Triumph manufacturing rights, Bloor won, Harris built Triumphs initially for 6 years under licence, and now that brand that causes a serious threat to the Japanese Royal Enfield has quadrupled since that period, so Ducati will in the end if they (Enfield) aquire it will end up like Jaguar has now owned by the Indian’s and still built in Britain and a better car to boot that the Pom’s ever made in reliability alone, I still see Ducati with some models built in Italy but as for others that are already made in India or Thailand who knows. All this of course feeds back in either monetary or development exchange for Polaris, seems funny that Harley bought MV Augusta a few years back for a few million dollars and sold it for $2 I’m starting to feel sorry for the “Boat Anchor co”