Anyone else had this problem?

My 1947 Chief used to break rear spokes after every run annoyingly, and caused me to buy a new pack from Starklite Cycles these were Buchanan stainless spokes and they have made spokes I believe since the sixities. When I built the the Vindian I bought new stainless spokes and they started breaking 10 in all over 3 years, so last year before the Great Race in Tasmania 2016 and the Gypsy Tour I checked my rear wheel and found yet another snapped I had been replacing them one by one with JTR stainless spokes from  Queensland and they never seem to break, anyway I blamed the hub and bought a whole new wheel from Mark at Zorro’s sourced from Starklite Cycles again, surely this would cure the problem, well guess what two more broken spokes in the new wheel, I’m beside myself. Next step is original Indian steel spokes re-plated and seeing they have lasted over 60 years already hopefully that will fix it, I might mention here no more stainless spokes for me especially in the rear wheel.