Not riding because of the weather?

We are at the moment in Autumn and the signs of winter are here with us still with a “bumper” crop of riders (12) at the last ride day we have our fingers crossed for the same next month on 4th June. This time it will be to the Moto-Bean Cafe in Malmsbury as it was planned earlier for this month but they were completely booked out as its a popular venue still not to far for a ride at this time of year. A presence from Phillip White on his “new”Yellow Drifter that has been named General Custard this month got everybody talking as now there are three in the Association, they are popular though the reasons seem to be they are under $10,000 and are dimensionally smaller than the current range of bikes from Indians made since 1999 excepting the new Scout of course and parts are readily available and cheap, so till current Indian’s drop below ten grand I expect people will look at them as a suitable alternative.