B.E.A ?

B.E.A whats that mean to IIRA members, it is British, European & American up to 1976 recently you voted unanimously on the changes to our constitution to include these different brands. Indian basically did the same with Matchless, Brockhouse, Vincent, Royal Enfield and of course Clymer models had Indian-Velo, Indian-Norton, Indian-Triumph, and Indian-Ducati as well, only thing that never happened of course was the mythical Indian-Harley which Harley considered at one time buying the trademark thank God that never happened. As you can see by the period photos above they were looking at marketing a long before times like today where machines are rarely home content and most components come from countries far from America or UK for that matter, one thing I have noticed is that most members in our Association is they all usually have other brands as well in the garage. The next question is why the age and the nationality limit, thats real easy most massive development of motorcycle design happened between the eighties and the nineties and we did’nt want that or being overun with Evolution Harley’s and UJMC (Universal Japanese Motorcycles) the Vintage Japanese motorcycle Club is excellent for these machines, and the HOG Group works well for post shovel head owners. Of course we are founded as a Indian Club and we encourage those of absolutely any era that has’nt changed nor the fact that a club run you can bring whatever, what does change is some club events that are run will be for eligible machines like the 2024 Gypsy Tour of Tassie, there will be others in the future but we are a B.E.A club and hope to cater for those members as well.