Being caught with your pants down

Back when the IIRA started 2010 we used to struggle to get enough people to come to meetings, rides, or rallies and people grew complacent by booking for events virtually a week or less out, those days, 10 at a meeting, 6 on a ride, or 8-12 on a rally was easy to work around but now times change. Last weekends Association monthly ride was double the booked number, the meetings are well attended with 20+ regularly and the rallies are all booked out early some within days, for instance the Rain-in-the Face rally at Walwa on 1st & 2nd June was fully booked in a weekend so even know its listed in the calendar accommodation is non-existent there at Walwa so I hav”nt even listed it on the Stop Press page, eg: some members have asked to pay for the next Gypsy Tour in 2020 straight after the last one last month to Sydney and back! The Crazy Horse notice has been  listed today so keep your eyes peeled as it will be fully booked in days so don’t just expect to turn up like years ago or you may be caught with your pants down.