In 5 minutes, no

Recently my son (and IIRA member Heath) got his Learners Permit and it may be a surprise to you but beside some riding on a Honda Z50 when he was 8-10 that’s all the riding solo he had ever done with the exception of pillion riding with me. So I had to teach him as a 25 year old from scratch as he even drives a auto car, riding doesn’t come natural he has never had a problem holding or balancing a bike so that was natural, the rest was a serious attempt to orientate him in riding skills, road craft would be taught by the excellent HART ( Honda Australia Rider Training) recognised by Vic Roads. The riding skill is difficult a a Catch 22 problem arises with no permit I had to take him to La Trobe University car park on a Sunday as there are little other areas to train a new rider. Several hours were required successfully and he then was taught the road craft skills at HART enabling him to get a Learners Permit for a maximum of 12 months or a minimum of 3 weeks, which he can then sit for a P plate licence that lasts another 3 years! That means no pillion or a bike over 670 cc no drinking or phones or GPS  and a Fluro jacket for some time while on L plates, so fairly restricted and $600 to boot for the test fortunately he had the jacket and helmet and owns a 1974 Triumph 650 Bonneville you have seen me on occasionally which is red plated and LAMS approved the bonus in Shannon’s insurance at $155 and the club permit scheme at $ 73 a year. For someone with absolutely nothing it’s very expensive to start riding bikes in 2018. So how is he going well, and is going to come on some rides with us so give him a chance please and he has got used to right hand gearchange (actually hated the Honda with L/hand change on his test) eventually he will progress to hand change and foot clutch with your encouragement so please do that as we need lots of young riders to appreciate our older bikes otherwise they will become worthless museum pieces.