Linkert Carb’s vs EJK fuel modulator



Linkert Carbs love them or hate them, they have one good thing is they are not that over sophisticated & even simpler than a Amal carb if the butterfly shaft isn’t worn and you have chucked the cork float for a Rubber Ducky type they will last and are basically simple to adjust. So what about new Indian’s with injection, Power Commander is one system that can override your standard injection system but its expensive and you need a laptop to change its settings. Recently I bought a cheaper version EJK (Electronic Jet Kit) for my 2015 Scout and the most difficult part is fitting it, not hard but fiddly the beauty is that after fitting a watching the excellent YouTube clip its ridiculously easy to adjust in seconds, while you ride virtually you can adjust economy, acceleration and top speed on the road, it’s a 21st Century Linkert on steroids, these are available for all Indians 1999/2016 from All American Motorcycles one of our advertisers give Ric a call 03 98793322 and he will fit and set up your late or early Indian

EJK website