Speedway in Australia


When I was just a lad of eighteen summers my boss David Cottrell was Australian Speedway sidecar champion on a Vincent in the Allpowers and was the same on Junior Outfits (up to 650’s). Those days speedway was at Brooklyn, and later at Avalon and Saturday nights were spent in the pits with the “Herda’s” (HRD-Vincent) getting “high” on the smell of  Castrol R40, his Triumph 650 was supercharged and it went like the “clappers” out of the gate & in this class a old bloke (probably about 60 yo)called Allan Bolt rode a OHC Norton International to a victorious last every meeting. I enjoyed watching the old bugger as apparently he started racing just after the war on the same bike and in his day was a champ, as the years passed the rest of the field just got faster. Anyway I digress I asked my boss what other brands of machines raced except Vincent’s and Triumphs occasionally a WLA Harley turned up and so did a Ducati 750 they were hopeless, he told me that in the fifties and sixties at Tracy’s Speedway all number of makes were stripped down for outfits so I must assume the Indian above was one of these, it wouldn’t have stood a chance against a 1000cc JAP or a Herda but the rider are keen with a steely look of determination aren’t they?