Closet Harley Owners, or thats not a real H-D

350 SPRINTsprint 350Is this what a typical H-D rider looks like?


Imagine my shock recently visiting my mate Guido (Guy Allen) when he admitted to me about buying a H-D, well I nearly had a stroke, Guy our esteemed editor on a tractor? Well kind of, a 350 H-D Sprint I felt myself nearly saying out loud ” Thats not a real H-D” but this is where it “cuts the mustard”  it is a real Harley as much as any other Boat Anchor in their range, so I will not the getting a T-shirt made “H-D 1903-1968 to 1978-2013 end of story” A.M.F was another part of Harley’s History, the same as Clymer,Indian Motorcycle Co (Gilroy), Stellican (Kings Mountain) or presently Polaris-Indian are all part of Indian’s history, time to accept it chaps. I have a interesting article below on the head honcho at Indian thanks to Cycle News for this, it’s by Alan Cathcart who seems to ask all the right questions

Interview with Steve Menneto CEO of Indian ( Thanks Cycle News)