Rule Britannia

Our current President Mark recently wrote a article in Smoke Signals about our “Nanny State” that is how we are so precious about speed limits in Australia and the penalties from exceeding the speed limit on our Billion dollar freeways, by sometimes a mere 3 KPH”s the penalties can be several hundreds of dollars and several de-merit points from your licence. I am driving currently on the motorways of the “old country” he is right I’m feeling guilty about exceeding 60mph most are travelling at well over 80mph, surely with our late vehicles and great highways this should be the same in Aussie, but no the bureaucrats will loose revenue, so it looks like those 1960s speed limits will stay, yesterday a article was reproduced in the Age newspaper about testing the GT Ford Falcon at 141 MPH in 1971 the picture of it on the Hume Highway was taken over the drivers shoulder showing the dash speedo “off the dial” and tachometer on redline, the engine limiter cuts in at 145 MPH this made the hair on the back of my neck stand up,I’m glad I lived in that era we were much more “easy going ” then