engine stop leak, definately not


A lot of restorers of old bikes like to tell you how great the invention of RTV silicone is, I must admit it is fantastic for use on shower screens and for sealing exhaust pipes on old Indian’s into the barrels but that’s about it. I see Triumph engines similar to the engine above and obviously they must be owned by eccentric pastry chef’s who ice cupcakes and wedding cakes or plumbers that seal guttering or sewer connections. I have noticed a few Indians over the years the same with over use of the product, the secret is if you must use it at all use it very sparingly because in the end what oozes on the outside has done the same inside and its affected by oil so it grows and breaks off eventually ending in the oil pump and galleries, hence I never ever use it, the best test is squeeze a small portion out let it harden then put it in a dish of petrol you will be amazed how it grows, then save the tube for use in the bathroom