Thats a nice set of figures, but not correct


So we are all going to suffer the brunt of the fact of more motorcyclist killed are dead in the first five months (29) than all of last year, the Vic Police have announced stringent checks on anybody riding a motorcycle immediately. Well if you read the facts above 23 were not regular bike riders out of the 192,000 on the Victorian Roads today so really only 6 were killed and the Chief Commissioner admits that 85% of the accidents were the bike riders fault so 15% weren’t, looking at this 5 are really innocent victims! The toll is in the real world less this year than ever, last year off road bikes and scooters were counted in the fatality figures what next race track deaths, idiots have need for no need sympathy, only their families or worse still the innocent victims they have killed or maimed I agree with the Police they are the ones that need targeting, but not ordinary motorcyclists.