Gypsy tour Tassie 2016 is over


The combination of the International Gypsy Tour and the world famous Great Race 2016 in Tasmania has been testing on men, woman and machines, with over 2,000 Klm’s traveling of  some of the bikes on the IIRA Gypsy Tour only one 1953 Blackhawk died and out of the odd moderns a Triumph T160 Trident DOA (dead on arrival) and a Kawasaki Drifter DNF (did not finish) by far the old Indians were the most reliable and although in the Great Race, Harley won this year they were the most prolific broken down of the two makes embarrassingly so. In The Great Race they had over 129 motorcycles entered all pre 1959  and that’s 65 of each brand roughly and the oldest was a 1916 Indian PowerPlus which did the 180 mile ride each day some of it un-made road to sort the “men from the boys”, eight of the Iron Indian riders including the 1916 did the “Race” and all finished in one piece including riders. Other news we were told is that the AMA has started a Australian Section so for people like myself that’s another thing that will be happening on the already full calendar, personally I loved the Tassie 2016 trip and I know all that participated feel the same and I must congratulate Chris Horner for organising it and a big thank you from us all