Indian 2016 Springfield


Indian-Polaris yesterday announced the new Springfield model, this was not a surprise as the rumoured name Springfield was registered over 12 months ago, what is surprising is how this company keeps pumping out successful model after model of virtually faultless machines. So is this Springfield just a Chief Vintage with lockable hard luggage NO it’s not, as they have revised the head angle to 25 deg and added passages footboards and a optional rear luggage trunk off the Roadmaster, heated grips, and got rid of the horrible tan seats. Now personally I see this models price somewhat dearer than the Vintage and somewhat cheaper than a Roadmaster it depends on what you prefer I think I like it better than a Vintage and I would have liked the wire wheels but with tyre monitoring that’s difficult. The biggie we are waiting for is a Four cylinder Indian-Polaris have honed to perfection the Lazarus come-back and have like Triumph made the world sit up and take notice now they need a flagship for a killer knock-out punch.