Harley Friday again, but for how long?


Its getting easier to find this stuff, what with the “wanted warrenty claim” scandal, shares falling, home market sales in decline, and Indian sales and profits rising weekly I’m almost feeling sorry for them, well not really. There is talk of 115 and 130 cu inch motors but they don’t go much better than a “shovel head”as of pollution restrictions and weight, still that’s what Triumph did first in the fifties with a 650cc then in 1973 with a 750cc but it still got more un-reliable, vibrated and was dated by the mid sixties. Harley need to learn their customer base is dwindling, as the “biker’s” are in their late sixties or seventies, and 1% outlaws can ride a USA motorcycle alternative, young guys want 2 wheel cars that is, ones that require no “wrenching” and that’s what Harley have done since 1939 Knuckleheads just redesign or a rehash. The V-Rod was a small sign of thinking outside the square but stupidly they kept making the old range, so people just bought them (the old versions) and V-Rods have never sold well, if the old “boat anchors”were deleted then they may stand a chance appealing to a larger market, they won’t and Ronald Reagan won’t “bail them out” this time so inevitably they will fail