I hate to admit it, but I was wrong!


Everyone by now knows my feels about the “Boat Anchor Brigade” (Harley) and although I have always admired Victory”s engineering I’ve hated the Arlen Ness styling, seriously though like most I have never ridden a Victory and have kept my thoughts secret on Indian’s cousin. As some will know I recently bought a new 2015 Scout which is unbelievably good and last week the Indian needed its first 800 klm service they offered me a bike to take for the day while my Scout was off the road and to my dismay at the time it was a Victory Vegas, anyway to tell the truth after riding it from the Elizabeth st premises I was impressed, it had a exhaust system on it and was loud but a great power delivery, handled well & was extremely comfortable I don’t like the big wheel but they make a “normal” wire wheel version called a “Gunner” $19995 this months special on both types the odd headlight was another part on the Vegas I personally don’t “warm” to either. Getting back to the Scout I had short reach bars fitted which are 2″ longer and suit my riding style, my compliments to Scottie, Roberto & Dillon for all their help and service organizing everything effortlessly except the traffic getting into the place. It’s worth buying a Indian or Victory just for the old-fashioned service you receive from this Elizabeth st store alone