No its British Vehicles!


Hard to believe now but as a young teenager I was a God Fearing Catholic lad and an altar boy to boot, and thinking back to those heady days I believe damn or bloody was my idea of severe swearing times changed at 15 years & 9 months when I decided that I wouldn’t be a teacher, lawyer or a doctor as my teachers were hoping for & seeking career I opted out of school to start a 5 year apprenticeship at Cottrell’s Garage in Fairfield. We used to do motorcycles, cars, & trucks and my boss David Cottrell was a Australian Championship speedway sidecar rider needless to say every word started with a F and the ones that didn’t started with a C and a lot in between that involved biology of both sexes, to say I learned a whole new vocabulary in in the first months is an understatement, but I never swore until I started working on Leyland products then I found it helped immensely and so the cycle started. After I finished my tenure I started at Victorian M/cycle Wreckers and then onto F Mussett the Triumph importers where I have honed my linguistic talents working particularly Tridents to the standards reached today. So remember the next time you hear me swear I have 48 years of skill behind me and Indian’s have helped along that journey