I million hits in 6 years, wow


Thats a average of 166,666 a year or 456 a day or 19 a hour,  years ago I suggested a website for another club I was a member of and even went to the trouble of setting it up, they were at that time uninterested and it was never put into place. Some three years later they decided it wasn’t a “fly by night” thing and have now got a site set up, this was the basis of their website I had set up and is what you are enjoying now. You may think there are much larger websites like the Kardashians, or about Beyoncé boobs and your right this is a “small potatoes” website in the big wide world of the web but for a hobby group specialising in a ex-defunct motorcycle brand made over sixty years ago and only in the last 17 years making a comeback I’m happy there is any interest at all. So what happened on the website on 03/08/2010 not much we had only started the Association 4 months before and had just started organising our first and very successful main event the Crazy Horse Rally, so the first blogs were from the middle of winter and so articles on ring gaps and riders machines were in order, also the big push was for the Gypsy Tour to Perth in 2012, funny the International Gypsy Tour around Tasmania is on in 5 weeks from now. Anyway what will the next million hits be and how long to achieve it, at this point I know 171 countries have viewed our site and 50% are Aussies, followed by 21% Americans and 6% from India, UK has a mere 3% and so on. Meanwhile the picture above shows a Polaris Chief in a terrible state but it’s not smashed and the front end appears to be unbolted why?