So Why is labour so dear?


You have just taken your Indian either new or old into a shop for repair and it’s always cheap for you to quote on other people’s work, before you rang the shop you decided what price the job was already. Of course in your job as a head sorter of corn stalks at the Kellogg’s cereal factory at $28.00 an hour every one should work for the same price or less than you unless he/she is a rocket scientist, or a brain surgeon, a mere greasy mechanic which you imagine in another life you are will be worth a lot less so to repair a crankpin you think $250 plus parts. Wrong the mechanic is getting the same as you the head corn stalk sorter, and his boss is paying $20,000 + for rent in the city and he is paying tax, workcover, maintenance costs, gas and electricity, advertising as well as paying 17.5% loading on his employees 4 weeks holiday pay,superannuation and a nine-day fortnight, sick pay and much more I have”nt mentioned so your bill is going to be heaps more and if like the cartoon above you have fixed it yourself lots and lots more just remember that.