Indian Cars!

CyclecarIndian Cycle car

Hmm, makes you think about this firm Indian that made Bicycles,  pocket watches, cigar cutters, outboard motors, oil, children’s pedal cars & toys, Snow sleds, Street sweepers, Fire trucks, suspension units for cars & Roadsters. Surely with the MotoCycles as well they had so much diversification they should have survived, after all the Milwaukee Tractor Co was only making caravans & golf buggies & air-conditioners, life is strange and management even more so, which after bad decisions had the Springfield firm floundering. As you know I like “weird” Indians the 1928 model built in the beginning of the Great Depression was going to be a “dead duck” other companies BMW,DKW(Audi) Triumph,Rover, Suzuki, Honda, Jaguar, all have & some still produce motorcycles, Indian again hit the market at the wrong time.