This has been a reality since 1999


But probably a bit closer for some countries now, than only U.S.A. It’s hard to believe that you have been able to buy a new Indian pretty well for over 14 years now. There will be the T-shirt wearing “End of story 1953” group but most of these people are worried about theIr investment being sullied by “cheaper later versions”, sounds like bigotry to me. The next 12 months will soon see a line drawn or bulldozed in the sand, some will buy new Indian’s & bite their  tongue about previous declarations or statements they made in the past, but the fact is brand loyalty  this sells nearly all products today, Ford-Holden,Coke-Pepsi,Hungry Jack’s-McDonalds etc if you were looking at a new cruiser Indian would be on the shopping list.New Indian Owners will be people that enjoy riding & socialising  also not spending hours in the garage restoring or tuning their bike they won’t give a “Rats” about when Indian last raced, what year the Four’s finished, what a 101 is, or that a starter was fitted in 1917, that does’nt make them bad people one might be your son or grandson we are in the 21st Century now “End of Story”