Indian-CZ a cheap alternative?



Years ago your webmaster worked at the Jawa-CZ agency Frank Musset & Co in the 70″s at that time we stopped selling Velocette and we were the state agents for Triumph. Jawa at the time made Speedway 500 bikes and rugged reliable & cheap two-stroke road bikes & the CZ arm was the sister company that sold the world storming MX bikes that were unbeatable, all at the time were rather uninteresting (the road models) to me as I was into Vincents, Velocettes & Triumph’s. Surprisingly now I see CZ in a different light it seems Indian did also at the time years earlier, they obviously saw potential in an entry level machine they could re-badge & market with a profit, Vincent did the same with NSU around the same time in 1948. Vincent failed their NSU-Vincents were expensive but the Indian-CZ would have had fierce resistance from their dealer network, the mechanics at the time would have hated them with a passion. In 2014 things are different a Indian-CZ is desirable and cheap anybody got one here?