Irish Indian & Indian Tractors

Irish IndianIMG_0563

Should have saved this till St Patrick’s Day, six leaf clover and a PowerPlus engine suits green tyres. The next picture is even better, it gets me how many people think “Now my tractor engine has blown up, I will slip that old Indian engine laying in the back of the shed in it”  I reckon that would be the last power plant one would think of to fix the problem. Anyway next Tuesday is the meeting night, the Smouldering Embers monthly e-mail magazine is out with a report coming on the recent Chief Rain in-the Face Rally to rub it in on how those that didn’t attend missed a great Rally, which brings us up to the Association Run on 06/07/14 to Yea. This month the ride day week-end does not follow in the same week as the meeting so take note.