Indian, featured at Easter Bonanza & a Dangerous Problem

There is some time to prepare for this event Easter 2012, last year they featured BSA Goldstar, but next year Motorcycling Australia are celebrating 111 years of Indian & as that encompasses our Association perfectly we should start planning it now. I know Easter is a bad time but you will not have to stay 2 days the Saturday will be great for riding (display runs) your machine on the circuit, a swap meet is going to be on with the first 50 sites free, ring 03 96840515 and ask Peter Drakford for more information. Next Sunday is the Christmas Party, with a fantastic ride the week-end after to wind up the year for us don’t forget the Association meeting on 29/11/11. Meanwhile work on my “new” 1948 Chief is continuing rapidly, finished re-bushing the forks, overhauling the gearbox, tyres, & chains fitted with a new front brake plate, speedo & drive, toolbox, repair chain guard, new wiring & cables, horn, and I have replaced the Chummie with a solo seat, don’t ask about the bank balance. This is a all black model with a very average paint job so nobody will realise the 2nd Mortgage that’s gone into it, this is something common to all Indian owners the sheer cost to get the bloody things going, Phillip White I expect will write another article on this someday soon. Getting back to common problems in 1946-52 Chief’s, I have had three with cracked front brake plates around the support mount where it bolts through the fork, Ian Rhook has had one rip out & it was messy I will advise you all to check this if you have one of the models that is around that era, if in doubt re-new, both Starklite & Jerry Greer have them in stock for under $150