Infatuated with Electric Starts




startmotorbigtwin09 013

Electric start Indians the option they should have stuck with above all the others, then we would have no need for either the Timmerman(German) or the Leenes (Dutch) Kiwi (Yank) kits that are on the market. The best of the lot are the Dutch versions as the Leenes version retains a working standard kickstart which the Kiwi one doesn’t have and the Timmerman version is severly modified to the point of weakening the lever, the reason this is so bad is all the versions use a sprag clutch, which when running in the inside of a modern motorcycle engine thats fully lubricated is great, unfortunately in your old Chief they don’t, after awhile they do collapse or as I found rust out, and the sprag is over $200 not at all cheap. This was all fixed by 1999 as the first S&S engined Gilroy Indian hit the market, hard to believe Indians have been going 15 years already and 45 years (1969) since Indian Sales closed the doors and stopped selling Indian motorcycles, thats right Clive not 1953!