Indian Drifter?


Kawasaki Drifter 1500. (Click on link)

A friend of mine has recently bought a Kawasaki Drifter similar to the one pictured above except the previous owner has fitted Indian Decals on the fuel tank. So is this a big issue these days if anything it is promoting the Indian brand and there are many H-Ds around in the past that tried to look like classic Indians, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, possibly so until recently Indians were not  easy to find & were very expensive to boot, they are cheaper now than ever, even the new Polaris versions. These Kawasaki’s have charm and are doggedly reliable and reasonably cheap although not over common in Aussie, Antique Motorcycles had one for sale that had fitted  Indian war bonnet, decals, air filter, footboards & tailight this was an unusual looking bike but at a distance would pass as a late 1999-2010 Chief possibly “a bit over the top”. You know what, I have a “Vincati” and its neither a Vincent or a Ducati it could be a “Ducent” but as I’m the owner I can call it what I want and at various times its been called plenty of names with swear words in the middle, so I say this to my mate, in my opinion leave Indian on the tank not many people have heard of a Kawasaki these days!