The opposition are loosing a grip

Harley adIMG_0528armored chiefs


Gary Nixon was the hot-shot US Triumph mile circuit rider in the late sixties, he got the Number 1 plate and with Gene Romero wrought destruction on the Boat Anchor Brigade from Milwaukee, they were unbeatable on Triumphs, so now the Milwaukee Tractor Co are using a picture of their most hated opponent for advertising a great help for their dealers, anyone who remembered would cringe! I reckon about now there would be a vacancy in the advertising dept, the person(s) obviously never saw Gary on his leathers or the twin exhausts, but I suppose you see the people that they are appealing to does it matter such a individual is pictured, a few years ago in their museum with pictures of past models exhibited, one was of a armoured police bike with a machine gun attached that was made in the thirties, only problem was it was a Chief,the giveaway was the Leaf Spring forks