Is there a theme here, & thanks for 1/4 million hits

741 Barmored chiefsSnow Ski

I reckon there is, its winter in the Southern Hemisphere & although not as cold as in the far Northern Hemisphere, it’s still cold & wet & no thats not me on the Indian ski sled as it does’nt snow in Melbourne. For our local members the Association monthly run is to Meridith with some members from the Classic Club meeting us for lunch & yes the weather man has promised showers, Chief Rain in the Face is riding along with us. Personally although the 741 in the above picture looks damn ugly the winter windscreen & legshields are a bonus at this time of year, same as the armoured version but I think plenty of power would be lost with either accessory. I am currently adding a set of “Heat Demon” grip warmers to my 2002 Indian Gilroy this week-end for a little comfort. Meanwhile thanks for the support & interest on the site with now over quarter million hits it encourages all of us to keep the enthusiasm bubbling along, we have some new surprises coming up with our 16 page all Indian calendar coming up for sale soon with Association Members machines featured from 1907-2013 these will be able to be bought of the site as we are starting a Pay Pal account for overseas Indian owners to purchase on line as they say in the classics “Stay Tuned”