Is there that much fun?



Well for me it is, but others not as much I must ask Phillip White his thoughts, last weekend was the monthly run to Seville and my C344 outfit was enjoying more than a gallon of gasoline in under 200 klms it drank 2/12 tanks of fuel so lots of fun. I filled up in Greensborough on the way home as I was on the reserve tank and surprisingly 9.2 litres cost $15.54 so around $35-$40 to do a days riding, the Indian always seems reasonable to refuel except when you add up at the end of the day the number of refills, most modern machines $25 would double my mileage but maybe with less fun. Indian solos would be about 25% better than me which is why this weekend I’m taking the sidecar off for a while in anticipation for the Great Race 2016