Who needs brakes, they only slow you down



So brakes I’ve noticed you never miss them till you need them and these days with idiots texting and the ipod-iphone attached drinking coffee its more than ever. But Indian brakes are good right? well on the rear they are reasonably good but on the front your kidding yourself if you think they are even satisfactory, they are downright DANGEROUS and on an outfit your on a death wish, they could never be good enough. Fortunately there is a solution now at hand a leaf spring twin-leading shoe conversion to compliment the already available girder & telefork version which over the past 12 months has proved a resounding success, the new version is CNC machined from solid billet 6061 and 70% more shoe and drum area than stock as a matter of fact its 1/8″ wider than the post war version I make. So how is it working, great the tyre can be on the verge of lock-up if applied hard enough as the self servo effect you need less effort on the lever so panic stops are no longer a panic the beauty of it is you can still use the standard Indian wheel and is easy to synchronize so it retains its character and visual looks and yes you can paint it black and its safe. Awhile ago somebody mentioned you can get stock brakes working well with good shoes etc trust me you never ever will get it to perform like a safe brake that can be used in traffic today, all details and cost contact Phil Pilgrim or Mark at Zorro’s