It’s wet, cold and winter, but the IIRA goes on

In Heathrow airport today it’s bright and sunny 23C and it has been like this in UK for weeks, unbelievable as it seems that’s  refreshing for me because I have just left Norway where it was colder and wetter than Melbourne for a couple of days, so I’m ready for winter already,those Norwegians call this a good summers day with snow as well in the mix. Your committee bouyed with success of the recent Rain in the Face Rally are ready to realease the entry forms for the Crazy Horse Rally next week and I will add them to this site then, next Tuesday night is a General Meeting and your Treasurer will be hot( the only one that will be) for renewal subscriptions so bring him cash or transfer your monies. You probably realise that you only have 2 weeks to do this if you have a red plate machine with us or otherwise you are declared unfinancial and we have to inform Vic Roads that makes your machine not eligible to be ridden on the road and if caught the fine now is around $800 (gasp) a lot easier to pay I reckon. Next Sunday is a club ride and because I’m away till Monday I will put it on the calendar when I find out the time and venue, it may be a short ride being winter but if it’s dangerously wet on the day it can be cancelled so keep your phones on Sunday in case you have a text message.

Ride Report Rain in Face Rally 1 to 3 June 18