Kilometer speedos



In Australia we changed from miles to Kilometers in the seventies, I believe the Canadians did as well this brings us a problem that the Yanks seem to not worry about. Starklite Cycles sell the Stewart-Warner instrument only in miles, Jerry Greer sell the Corbin in miles and Auto Meter did make the instruments in kilos for Canadians and you can occasionally get them on eBay but are not easy to find. You would reckon there would be a market for Aussie’s, European’s & Canadian’s for these to be reproduced these instruments today as with the beaurocrats getting anal everyday its hard to argue with a policeman that you were not doing over two kilometers an hour when you have a speedo reading in miles an hour and in this part of the world thats $250 and 2 demerit points off your licence! Recently I had to buy a speedo for my Vindian no option its a mph S-Warner, my mate bought a Corbin from Greer”s same probems mph, we need kilometers please