What’s a “Bail Out” clause

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So winter is here and life rolls on, the Iron Indian Riders still have their 1st Sunday of the month run unless a seasonal rally falls in that month, June being an example of this when the Crazy Horse Rally happens in 5 weeks (Book Now  Chief Rain-in the Face winter rally June 6-8th at Myrtleford accommodation contact Railway Hotel  03 5752 1583). In the colder months runs start later are shorter and susceptible to rain this is why last year we incorporated the ‘Bail Out’ clause on the morning of the planned run about 7.00 am if its severe weather conditions that your committee has decided dangerous you will get a text message to say the ” Todays run has been cancelled” and hopefully you can sleep in this wont happen on rallies unless government bodies have closed areas for mudslides, bushfires etc a rally will always be held

Chief Rain-in-the Face 2015 Entry Form