Lakes & Craters Rally & Toyota

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The Lakes & Craters Rally over the week-end was perfect, great weather, good companionship, fantastic scenery & odd breakdowns what more could you ask for? On Saturday we had a mixed bunch of riders with us from the local area and  we rode to Apollo Bay for lunch Peter Welding & Ian Rhook are always good at picking top rides in this area as they are or have been locals, thanks heaps chaps, the run on Sunday morning to Timboon was although short, memorable and the brunch stop is, as always nice at the Timboon brewery, the natives and tourists of this area were all over the two new 111 Indian’s that attended. A couple of failures our Prez’s 1947 “lunched” his Kabota generator & also the IPE electronic ignition also Phillip White”s A10 BSA that was on loan to John F did the same to a Pazon electronic ignition, this in a way was good as John was driving back-up which saved our Prez it was a good weekend enjoyed by all. Toyota the last car manufacturer is leaving the country in 2017 Ford & GM are doing the same although all company’s will still import into Australia, the killer is loss of jobs, the poster in the middle was produced in WW2 it could be altered to suit today “He’s going North” funny to think they got here in the end, not to rule and are now leaving. The next photo is typically Harley after I read an unreasonably large percentage figure of something about 70% of Harley’s ever made are still on the road (broken down I reckon) this is a “typical Knuckle Dragger” who has yet to discover motorcycles are to be ridden & not carried