Really Rare 1947 Outfit

1947 Chief in NSW

Australia has embraced post-war Indian’s with gusto over the last 30 years before that they were equivalent to H-D”s , just another “Yank Tank” as British,Italian & Jap bikes were the machines to have. Most of the reason post WWII were tariffs applied to vehicles imported from USA hence GM started building Holden’s here in 1948. Nearly all Indian’s or H-D”s were old 344’s or WLA’s a handful of machines were fully imported at great expense from the States the amount that would arrive were in the tens not even hundreds as they so expensive, this picture appeared on the web it is a NSW registered outfit I could imagine you could have bought three British bikes or a car instead for its cost especially seeing we were making four or five brands of sidecars in Australia at the time it would have had more tax applied, so this lady has the right to smile as possibly she would never see another like it on the road