Miscellaneous Matters

Our first General Meeting for the year is next Tuesday night, Book your accommodation at Camperdown for the Lakes & Crates Rally either at Amble Inn 55 931646 or Manifold Motor Inn 55 932666 Rally entry forms will be out at the next meeting 05/02/2012. Ian Rook is the man doing the organising.  Lot’s of people only look at this page or the Events Calendar but other pages are updated regularly e.g. Trading Post, Section News to get a more rounded view of your Association check other Area’s as well. Robert Gosper has sent a review of the recent Goulburn Rally, which is in Section News, a picture of some that attended with our Banner appears above Chris Knoop, Mark Cook,Leo Clausen, & Robert Gosper . You may remember a few Postings back I showed a few photo’s of my first Indian unrestored over 20 years ago, the picture above is of Greg Hutchisin on the same machine as it appears today he seems happy with his purchase even after all this time, the white Scout 101 is another machine he has acquired & restored he has come along way since his BSA Bantam days