Are you Cracking Up?

“I’ll send you some photos (see above) of the 47 chief front brake plate cracks I discovered, thanks to the heads up on the IIRA website”.Daryl Colt   So begins a email I was sent today, you may remember this problem came up before Christmas on the “Black Bastard” pictured below, it seems a common problem with Ian Rook having the same problem 2 years ago please make a effort to check all Chief’s from 1945/53 this can be catastrophic  if it fails while riding. Treasurer Pete Kime informs me of the popular “Bikes by the Bay” display this year celebrating V -Twins which is one of the largest held in Victoria with over 20,000 people turning up it is on 18/02/2012 I am listing it on the Events Area for those who wish to participate