Worth a View? I think so

Beside the “bumper” amount of members attending the meeting last night well over 20, we finished early & don’t forget the Sunday Run. Rarely I put non-Indian related items on our web-site but I was sent this movie clip from a Queensland member Tony Hicks it is unbelievable & the twist at the end even more so, it was Directed by Nick Ryan enjoy

THE GERMAN Interesting twist at the end Incredible four minute footage of a desperate Spitfire vs. ME-109 dual. You feel like you are there! Amazing computer work blended in with real photography. Also an interesting factual story that most of us did not know. History is rarely ‘over’. Now sit back and strap on your parachute harness … it is the Summer of 1940 over the skies of England. Listen to the perfect ‘purr’ of the Rolls Royce Merlin … Watch this full screen. It’s very well done. Click on the link below:

The German link