Large problems with Small Fuel Taps

Another annoying problem lately is fuel taps, anybody have weeping taps, I have bought around 4 sets, original type, hard-chrome centre types, one’s with filters that are hard chrome, the worst by far are the brass ones that have a hard-chrome lever they leak & seize! I have lapped all of  them in with various degrees of success, the last one’s (brass with chrome centres) are really bad, the hole in the cone isn’t drilled correctly and if you look into the tap hole more than half of it is obstructed, this has a metering effect & in some cases can cause a seizure due to leanness. Weeping taps are not nice in your garage or if you are travelling in a confined space(Van) with your Indian, after 111 years of tap manufacture shame the Yank’s can’t fix problem the Pom’s did it years ago, now don’t mention British oil leaks