More Grist for the Mill

A few late model Indian Members commented on the lack of news, & lately all that was being printed was Springfield type articles, very true, but beside a new Manager at our local Indian-Victory branch(Hello Wayne) there has been little to report except there won’t be a New Indian here till 2014 gasp! But one thing new for people that have Smartphones I have found a App  for Indian this will be improved as time progress’s but it has weather,lodgings,restaurants & trip planner all ready up & going, the ultimate pose for a new age Indian owning geek.The W.Australians have kindly let us post the Indian News they distribute monthly I am publishing them on the Section News 2 months old at least so the first two will give you a taste of things to come, thanks guys. Other News is is the 2nd Anniversary Run for the commemoration of  our founding is on this Sunday I will guarantee Chief Rain in the Face will strike again even if they are forecasting showers, just click on Events for departure time, this run will be a little different as you catch your lunch at the trout farm they cook it & B.Y.O drinks should be good fun whatever the conditions