Numbers are Strange, among other things


Today I clicked on the Flag Counter ( on the right side of this page) this has only been on our site about 4 months but I occasionally check to see who looks at us, 105 countries of which 56% are Aussie’s 18% are Yank’s & the third biggest nation surprisingly  is India, confusing how many Indian’s like Indian’s or are interested in them, Mrs Webmaster tells me they are looking up Motorcycles that are made in India but why would you type in Iron Indian Riders? We are closing in on 100,000 hits in 18 months so I am curious the other countries are also amazing as some I have never heard of & I’m not George Bush as I passed at geography at school, next figure is 60,000+ Indian’s that were supposedly sent to Australia between 1901-53 we won’t count the 200+ since 1999-2012, the first figure could be right seeing Rhode’s Motors imported 2 shiploads in the mid twenties, not two shipments, two shiploads!  Heaps came after that not counting 750 shipped according to the War Memorial in Canberra during WW11, hence these days anything at a swap meet pre-WW11 is Indian or Harley-Ferguson. Does anybody read the other Area’s just updated the Victoria & W.Aust section News the W.A section is allowing us to reprint their old new newsletters Indian News they are a great read with lots of Technical bits for those who are interested V-Prez with a new Dark Horse & Stevie Higginbotham enjoying smelling “fishy” on our Association Run, read all about it